Why was my refund rejected?

Why was my refund rejected?

There could be many reasons for refunds rejection:

Refund period exceededIf you intend to issue a refund after the refund period has expired your refund will be rejected.

The refund period is the period of time in which a user can request a refund after the payment has been approved. This period of time is usually 180 days but it also depends on the payment method.
Insufficient fundsPlease change the payment method to continue with this refund request.
Amount exceededThe amount of the refund is higher than the amount of the original payment.
Invalid credentialsMerchant credentials are incorrect (only applies to refunds requested via API).
Missing parameterThere is a missing parameter to make the refund (only applies to refunds requested via API).
Invalid parameterOne of the parameters is failing or a string has been entered in a numeric parameter (only applies to refunds requested via API).
Payment not foundThe original transaction cannot be found. Please check the ID.
Amount too lowTransactions cannot be lower than 0.01 in the selected currency.
Order refund ID is duplicatedThe ID you input for this refund has already been used.
Chargeback already createdA chargeback has been already issued for this transaction.

For technical information about refunds, visit the dLocal documentation. 

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