Where can I find my credentials?

Where can I find my credentials?

The credentials can be found on the dLocal’s Merchant Dashboard. Locate them in the Integration section.
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    • What are the credentials?

      Use your credentials to connect with dLocal securely. The credentials are given to you by dLocal in order for you to validate a transaction via API, or to connect to your e-commerce platform provider. There are two types of credentials that you can ...
    • What can I find in the Endpoint configuration settings?

      ​In this section, you may configure your endpoint URLs for return and notification messages from dLocal.
    • How do I know what permissions I have?

      The permissions vary according to the role. To find out what permissions each role has, go to Users & Permissions and scroll down. You will find a chart with the different permissions assigned to each role.
    • Status of an account

      There are 3 account statuses: Status Description Inactive Test mode only. You can simulate payments in our sandbox environment from the API and see them reflected in our dashboard. Activation requested Test mode only, but you can access the ...