My customer has paid but I can't locate the funds/transaction in my account.

My customer has paid but I can't locate the funds/transaction in my account.

If a customer claims to have paid for a transaction, but the transaction is still pending, please check when the transaction was created. Alternative payment methods can take up to 2 days to be approved. After this period, you can ask your customer to provide proof of payment, and with this document, contact our Customer Service team, which will help you to validate it.

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    • How do I know when a transaction is approved?

      dLocal automatically updates the transaction status, once we detect that your customer has paid for it. Accessing the dashboard you will be able to check the transaction status description. Alternative payment methods take a little longer to be ...
    • Why has my customer's transaction been canceled?

      Payments with Alternative Payment Methods (cash, bank transfers, and e-wallets): Payment received after the expiration date. Payments without associated transactions. Payments with different amounts. Payments with credit or debit cards: Invalid ...
    • My customer thinks they paid twice. What should I do?

      In some cases, a customer can pay twice for the same ticket or bank transfer. In these cases, ask them to check if they received an email from dLocal. Most of the time we are able to detect these duplicated payments, and we contact your customer to ...
    • What are pending transactions?

      Cash payments (OXXO, Boleto, Efecty...) and Bank transfers can take 1-2 business days to be cleared. Most are cleared on the next business day (if the customer paid for it yesterday, we would receive the money today). Sometimes the customers print ...
    • What are Authorized transactions?

      The payment has been authorized by the customer's bank and soon will be processed over to your account. The transactions status will be automatically updated by dLocal.