How do I know when a refund is completed?

How do I know when a refund is completed?

The status will be automatically updated by dLocal, and the status will change to refunded on the merchant dashboard for the transaction.
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    • My customer says they never received the refund, but I see it as completed on my dashboard. What does it mean?

      The maximum period for receiving a cash payment or bank transfer refund is 5 working days. If this period has been completed, it may have been canceled due to either one of these reasons: The bank details shared by the customer are incorrect. The ...
    • How long does it take for a refund to be completed?

      For credit card payments: 3 business days (usually, it will appear as a credit on the next invoice). For cash payments and bank transfers: 5 business days after dLocal receives the customer's bank account details.
    • Why was my refund rejected?

      There could be many reasons for refunds rejection: Reason Description Refund period exceeded If you intend to issue a refund after the refund period has expired your refund will be rejected. The refund period is the period of time in which a user can ...
    • How can I refund a transaction?

      You can refund a transaction through API or via our Merchant Dashboard. For using our dashboard, go to the transaction details and click Apply for a Refund. If you are a Shopify merchant, the refunds have to be made from your Shopify admin. For ...
    • What does a refund "Pending" status mean?

      The pending status can mean that the refund in process, or that dLocal is waiting to receive the customer's bank account to proceed with it.