How can I refund a transaction?

How can I refund a transaction?

You can refund a transaction through API or via our Merchant Dashboard.

For using our dashboard, go to the transaction details and click Apply for a Refund. If you are a Shopify merchant, the refunds have to be made from your Shopify admin.

For technical information about how to refund a transaction, visit the dLocal documentation. 

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    • Why was my refund rejected?

      There could be many reasons for refunds rejection: Reason Description Refund period exceeded If you intend to issue a refund after the refund period has expired your refund will be rejected. The refund period is the period of time in which a user can ...
    • Can I make a refund to a country different from the transaction?

      No, refunds can only be made to accounts in the country where the transaction was created.
    • How can I cancel a refund?

      It depends on the case - if the refund is already being processed or has already been finished, it cannot be canceled anymore. You can also cancel a refund through the dashboard by clicking on the transaction that is being refunded. For technical ...
    • What does a refund "Pending" status mean?

      The pending status can mean that the refund in process, or that dLocal is waiting to receive the customer's bank account to proceed with it.
    • What does the refund "Cancelled" status mean?

      A refund attempt can be canceled by the bank due to the wrong information provided. It is important to check and provide the correct information from the customer, to prevent the refund to be canceled, and to delay the customer to receive the money ...