Can I modify an IP address?

Can I modify an IP address?

Yes, you will be able to activate/deactivate and delete an existing IP address. You may do so by clicking on the corresponding buttons.
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    • Can I whitelist IP addresses?

      Yes. In order to add an IP address, enter the address in the "IP address or range" field and click on the green "Add" button.
    • How can I modify users?

      Go to the Users & Permissions tab in the Merchant Dashboard and look for the user you wish to modify, and click on the pencil-shaped button to the right. You will be able to modify the name/MID(s) to which the user has access/ and the role.
    • How can I add or modify my bank account?

      Go to the Bank accounts tab in the Merchant Dashboard. The Available bank accounts table shows the configured bank accounts. You can manage accounts within this section by clicking on the Add account button, or Editing & deleting existing accounts.