Can I collect payments in the US and EU with dLocal?

Can I collect payments in the US and EU with dLocal?

dLocal is a payment company tailored to growing country markets (like Mexico, Brazil, and Indonesia) and their particularities. In Brazil, for example, only a small part of online purchases are made by using an international credit card, while the majority are divided into cash payments, bank transfers, domestic cards, and other payment methods. With dLocal we offer all those alternatives, tailored specifically to each growing market country.

We do not support processing payments in the US, Canada, UK, and EU, for example. We are always looking to expand and add new countries, our focus will always be on growing markets.

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    • Where can I check and manage payments?

      The payments can be checked in the Merchant Dashboard, where you can see all the transactions made using dLocal. Access the dashboard and go to the transactions tab: you can check the status, and information of each payment, by clicking on it.
    • How to create a dLocal account

      The first step to start using dLocal it's to create an account. This allows you to access your credentials, make test payments, see reports and manage all your information. Follow these steps to create your account: Go to the sign up, enter the ...
    • Which payment methods does dLocal offer?

      dLocal offers different payment methods in each country, but they are mainly divided between Card methods (credit and debit), and APMs (alternative payment methods: bank transfer, cash payments, and e-wallets).
    • What does "Payins" mean?

      Payin is the process where dLocal enables you to collect money from your customers. The funds can be received through card payments (debit or credit), or alternative payment methods (APMs).
    • My customer thinks they paid twice. What should I do?

      In some cases, a customer can pay twice for the same ticket or bank transfer. In these cases, ask them to check if they received an email from dLocal. Most of the time we are able to detect these duplicated payments, and we contact your customer to ...