After we dispute the chargeback, how long does it take for the resolution?

After we dispute the chargeback, how long does it take for the resolution?

The resolution can take up to 150 days.
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    • How can I dispute a chargeback?

      Start by clicking the "Dispute" button in the Merchant Dashboard chargeback detail view. Proceed to drag the PDF files to the window, or search for them through the "Choose file" link. You can also input any comments you esteem relevant in the ...
    • How do I know if we have disputed the chargeback correctly?

      Our chargebacks team will let you know if your documentation was successfully uploaded and the chargeback status will change to Dispute received. Please note the status will take a few seconds to update.
    • What is a chargeback?

      When a cardholder has an issue with a charge on their credit card, they can contact their bank to dispute the purchase. The cardholder can be one of your customers or someone who believes that their card was used on your store without their ...
    • What are the different chargeback statuses?

      A chargeback can have different statuses.  Status Description Pending Chargeback starts with this status. No dispute documentation was provided so far. Dispute Received You have provided supporting documentation within the due time frame. In Dispute ...
    • How long does it take for a refund to be completed?

      For credit card payments: 3 business days (usually, it will appear as a credit on the next invoice). For cash payments and bank transfers: 5 business days after dLocal receives the customer's bank account details.